Bonnie Vale Campsite Booking

Location Details

Bonnie Vale Campground
2 Seabreeze Lane, Bundeena, Royal National Park, NSW, 2232

Check-in times: 2pm – 8pm
Check-out times: 7am – 10am

Campsite gates are locked between 8pm and 7am.
There is no vehicle entry or exit between these times.

Park Fees

Park vehicle entry fees are not included in camping fees. Daily park pass can be purchased at parking meters located at Bonnie Vale.

Peak Periods

Peak periods including long weekends, school holidays, Christmas and January holidays are often booked out weeks or months in advance so book early to avoid disappointment.

Booking Process

Group bookings for up to two campsites can be made in one request.

Maximum of 6 people per campsite.

A single parking spot is available for each campsite booked, so if required specify a different Vehicle Registration # if booking a second site.

Waterfront campsites are only available for trailer, campervan or caravans but not tents.

Bookings are essential for Bonnie Vale and you canĀ book online.

Bonnie Vale Campsite From Above